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  • https://cdn.sylyfe.com/wood-wall-art-parametric-wall-art-large-modern-geometric-3d-sound-diffuser-acoustic-panel-contemporary-rock-home-decor-music-entertainment-sculptures-wood-woodblocker-185730e0-2a6e-11eb-a4f8-adf063419692-2_600x600.jpg
  • https://cdn.sylyfe.com/wood-wall-art-parametric-wall-art-large-modern-geometric-3d-sound-diffuser-acoustic-panel-contemporary-rock-home-decor-music-entertainment-sculptures-wood-woodblocker-185730e0-2a6e-11eb-a4f8-adf063419692-3_600x600.jpg
  • https://cdn.sylyfe.com/wood-wall-art-parametric-wall-art-large-modern-geometric-3d-sound-diffuser-acoustic-panel-contemporary-rock-home-decor-music-entertainment-sculptures-wood-woodblocker-185730e0-2a6e-11eb-a4f8-adf063419692-4_600x600.jpg
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Wood Wall Art - Parametric Wall Art - Large Modern Geometric 3D - Sound Diffuser Acoustic Panel

Contemporary, Rock

Home Decor, Music & Entertainment, Sculptures, wood



This product is made in Greece.
It is made of plywood simida.
Each piece is cut, rubbed and dyed and glued separately.
On one side it is painted in the color of graphite.
It can be made in any color and dimension it wants.
Use it as a sound diffuser but also as a piece of decoration on a wall.

*** Dimensions and weight
Dimensions of the artwork in the photo 128cm x 51cm
The depth is 8cm,
There might be a differentiation in dimensions more or less 3cm
The pattern shown in the picture will be the same with slight changes.
Because of the handmade pattern, it is impossible to make exactly the same.

It can be hanged with a wooden stand in the back
You can either screw a base (included) into the wall.
Or you can hang it from hooks we include